Installation 2017
wood, sponge, fabric, glass water, 196x76x42 cm

wood, sponge, fabric, glass water
196x76x42 cm

Work The body of standing water is an installation where there are associative elements of the form of the bed with minimalist cylindrical shapes, a body on the surface of a lumps-like mat. These cylindrical shapes are covered with liquid, forming an amorphous shape, a pond-pondlet, which together form the content, i.e. a body of standing water.
Work The body of standing water personalizes the experience of a pond through comparison with a bed, not as a usable object, but as a destination, place, habitat where a person spends most of their lifetime in a subconscious state. A pond as a natural wet habitat with all its natural cycles, it is sufficiently distant and separated from us, insufficiently visible, a minor place in the life cycle forgotten in the subconsciousness. Both elements with a lot of traces/erased traces, open the position insufficiently clear and mystical content permeated with individual experiences. This work focuses on one field of thinking and a possible place for experience based on the correlation of comparative relations between a pond and a bed.