The theme, To float
Installation 2007

Mumblers represents a set of ten life-size dummies dressed in causal classic male clothes. The dummies are arranged in regular order, like a queue at the bus stop, hospital, interrogation room, bank, post office, execution, etc. The dummies are faceless and they have the speakers installed on different body parts (head, leg, knee, arm, shoulder, foot, ...) which play an incoherent speech, a kind of mumbling and babbling. This sound creates confusing circumstances, both intimate and unspecified, reminding us of everyday surrounding in the moments of waiting. This work implies the manner contemporary situation and an individual closely correlate to the environment of a concentration camp, where there is no individual, but only faceless figures, without real space for communication, without self. This theme sheds light on structural frames of an individual's appearance. Such frames are civilizationally determined by historical events, but have also become mundane and self-explanatory.