Solo Exhibitions - ASC/DESC, 2018
Solo Exhibition - Theme Relics of Existence..., 2018
SKC Fabrika, Novi Sad
Solo Exhibition - Theme Dead Water, 2017
The Gallery Of Cultural Centre, Laza Kostić, Sombor
Solo Exhibition - Theme Dead Water, 2017
The Gallery Of Contemporary Art, Pančevo
Solo Exhibition - Theme Dead Water, 2016
Gallery SANU, Novi Sad
Solo Exhibitions - Theme Social, 2013-2015
Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin, Serbia
Cultural Center Vrsac, Serbia
City Gallery, Uzice, Serbia
Foundation For Youth Culture And Creativity Danilo Kis, Subotica, Serbia
Gallery Of Contemporary Art, Smederevo, Serbia
Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, Croatia
Gallery Of Contemporary Fine Arts, Nis, Serbia
Gallery Marzik, Kraljevo, Serbia
Cultural Center Indjija, Serbia
Gallery Magacin, Belgarde, Serbia
Gallery 73, Belgade, Serbia
Group Exhibitions - Theme Social, 2013-2015
Cargo east: The Subdued Existence, Taichung (Taiwan); Banja luka (BIH), Kosice (Slovakia)
Conflicts, provocations, relations, challenges, fears, energies, determinations: Art in the Expanded Field / Review of the Artistic Situation / Vojvodina 1997‒2014
Time Collectors, National Gallery Macedonia, Skopje
Cinema Citi, Novi Sad