Gendered Witnessing

Theme: Subscript
Installation Gendered Witnessing (2021)
The work consists of twelve (dummies), platform-stage
Dummy materials: thermal wadding (filling), fabric, suit
Dummy dimensions: human size dummy, h=172 cm
Additional elements in the work: sound

The work Gender Witnessing depicts a group of twelve dummies/people in a crowd. Twelve figures, dummies gathered in a group, represent a gender group that simulates the representation of a female choir. Replicated female figures in long dresses with plates instead of the heads aimed upwards imply a certain form of trance, as well as signs important for cognition. On the plates there are erased traces of inscriptions that can be, codes, formulas, texts… The sound of the choir presents a plane that emotionally does not invite us to immerse into sadness or to cry... but represents a pure tonal plane in self-sound that indicates existence and being. The work represents and points to the general places of gender affiliation as well as to everything Kati Horne means as a person, encapsulating the sympathies towards the socially engaged human distinctiveness that becomes a symbol of suffering and defiance.