The theme, Dead Water
Installation 2016

The Truancy is set on three wall panels made of ceramic tiles. On each panel there is a female figure (dummy) in a different position and a water tank. The reflections of these positions imply movement and stagnancy, time, change, diversity and uniformity, supernatural posture which can signify inner turmoils and mental unease. Hence the illusion in an unaccomplished dynamics and aspects of benumbed and indifferent existence. The head of the female figure is replaced with a water tank containing an inanimate and stagnant still water. This water is a synonim for contrast of life and animate water. Female as a mother in this instance becomes the opposite. She is a distorted image. She acquired a new dimension of wrongdoing as a result of inner flows. Emphasized cleanliness on the panels made of white ceramic tiles represents an allusion to the pure, but actually is a display of gloominess and impurity. Black figures of a woman in levitating position and the water that has lost its primary property as a life substance become a paradoxical principle which we can identify with life principle in which everything becomes vague and everyone oscillates and wanders.